The Story

My works are generally functional, and imperfect.

Jovial Jar is the identity of artworks made by me, Jose Aparicio. Originally trained in physics, and working in medical research, science and the exploration of ideas are guiding principal in my works. My pieces are primarily ceramics but I also have a keen interest in paper crafts, print making, and textiles.

I am a "hand builder" meaning my pieces are made without the use of a wheel, but rather slabs of clay or coils that are shaped into their final form. Both my paper works and ceramics explore folding and cutting sheets to give them new identities and forms.

Graphically, I explore simple geometries that in many ways are inspired by motifs that are seen in pre-colombian Mexican works, where my family is from. I am inspired by the strong mathematical and astronomical knowledge of my ancestors. My hope is to continue their exploration of shape and pattern.

March 2020 -  Bransdall Junior Arts Center Gallery presents “MMXX The Roaring 1920’s-2020” Adult Student Exhibition